Last update: 10/11/2020

"Pagers" are the means by which we can share and start new research ideas and collaborations. Pager, short for "one and a half pager", is a document that details a new research topic that somebody in the network wishes to work on, in a brief and easily digestible way. For more details, please consult the terms of use.

If you have a research question/idea, we invite you to write a pager, using the template. Download the form here.


  1. Bastianelli et al. - Analysis of survival patterns of the European wildcat in human-dominated landscapes;
  2. Bastianelli et al. - What shapes the home range of felids: a Pan-European study;
  3. Heither et al. - Functional responses in habitat selection by an opportunistic small predator;
  4. Alves & Bacon et al. - Comparison of the disease status of the Scottish free-living cat population (including wildcats, wildcat hybrids and domestic cats) with that of European wildcats in other countries and recommendations for a standardised methodology for disease surveillance of the European wildcat (and sympatric hybrids/domestic cats) across the wildcat range;
  5. Gerngross et al. - IUCN Red List European wildcat Distribution Mapping;
  6. Ruiz et al. - Effects of different agricultural practices on the home-range size of the European wildcat;
  7. Bastianelli et al. - Shall I cross? What drives spatiotemporal patterns of road crossings and vehicle collisions of felids throughout Europe;
  8. Nogueira et al. - Joint estimation of European wildcat density across Europe.

Pagers status - shared Google sheet with information on the status of the proposed Eurowildcat pagers.


EUROMAMMALS general pagers:

Jonas Stiegler & Niels Blaum et al. - Tracking of mammals: quantifying the impact of collaring.